Raccoon Poison – Various Possible Solutions

You have probably thought about using raccoon poison to get rid of the pesky creatures that may damage your backyard or the corn field. But before you march to the story to buy the poison that you want, you probably want to hear some things first – they are pretty important. Otherwise, you may violate the law and you have to face quite a huge fine, which can affect your financial.

Raccoon Poison: The Various Possible Solutions

So, which method should you use when you want to know how to get rid of a raccoon in your backyard? There are some possible solutions that you can take, depending on your needs and preference, really. First, you can always shoot the animal – and shooting is considered more humane than poisoning. The problem is, you need to make sure that you live far away from other people so the hunting shoot won’t hurt anyone. If you live in a remote area, far away from other people, this option is probably doable – and highly possible. Moreover, you need to have a hunting permit if you want to carry around the gun, even around your own property. Another problem is that you need to be an excellent shooter. Raccoons are fast and agile. Shooting them will be difficult. But then again, if you have a great shooting skill, this method is highly doable.

Raccoon Poison

Another solution is to use the trap – mostly known as the body trap. There are some different types of traps – the one that can kill and the one that only catches the creature. If you use the trap that only catches the creature, make sure that you know where you are going to dispose them. Disposing them on your neighbor’s property is definitely not a good idea.


The other alternative is to use the raccoon poison, which has become everyone’s favorite option. However, not all states allow the usage of the poison. Moreover, you need to address some of the crucial matters first, such as making sure that there are no other animals around the premises or you are using the right poison. But then again, most people are against the poison because of the chain-linked effect. Let’s say that your poison finally caught up a raccoon. And the carcass was eaten by an eagle or other predators, they will get sick too – even die. This is one of the major reasons why environmentalists are against the usage of poison.


Raccoon Poison and the Matter of Killing the Creature

Is killing raccoon illegal? Although most of the states allow the action of killing the raccoons with humane ways and proper planning, there is a strict rule about it. In most cases, you are allowed to shoot the animal, as well as using a body trap to catch them. You can also use the raccoon poison to take matters into your own hand but this method has been quite controversial these years – and there are different opinions about it.


When it comes to killing raccoons, different states have different opinions and regulations about it. Yes, you can kill it but it is advisable that you trap it alive and then dispose it to the countryside. Yes, some areas may allow the usage of poisons but only under a strict rule and monitoring of the local authority. Even with such a careful arrangement and the seemingly detailed planning, there are extra problems and issues arising from the action. If you prefer the body trap and get rid of the animal to the country, it creates problems to that area as the raccoons will infest it. Those who live in the country complain about the increasing number of raccoon infestation that is annoying to them, which is basically the result of people living in the city ‘throwing away’ their pests to the countryside. It doesn’t solve the issue – you basically only move your problem from your own property to other people’s property.


But then again, environment activities and animal defender claim that body trap is the most humane way to get rid of the animals because, after all, they also have their rights to live and taking the rights just like that seems like a cruel and insensitive thing to do. But then again, people have their own opinions and problems. Who knows? Maybe your raccoon infestation issue is simply devastating and worse, leading to you making the easiest decision that you can take – using the raccoon poison.


Raccoon Poison: The Ethical Concern

Is it legal to poison raccoons? Only in several states. In some areas of the states, using the poisons are completely prohibited – mostly because of the environmental reasons and safety reasons. Poisons may be considered as the easiest, fastest, and most efficient way to get rid of the pesky creatures but it also poses the bigger threats and risks – not only to the animals living around your neighborhood but also to small kids nearby. If you want to kill the raccoon, it is advisable that you shoot it or use the body trap (the one that can kill) instead of using the poison.


Raccoon poison has caused a serious awareness for the surrounding environment as well as the people living nearby. The numbers of animals being poisoned (although by accidents) by raccoons bait have increased within the last decade. The problem with the poison is the uncontrollable factor. You may target the raccoon but it is possible that it attracts birds, other pets, and even kids. Once you set the trap, it is out there and it can go out of control. You can’t really see whether the poison has been ingested by other animals or pests. In most cases, though, they may be able to kill the raccoons but there are always collateral damages that come along – whether it is the neighbor’s cat or several birds – the raccoons aren’t the only dying animals from the poison.


Raccoon Poison and Different Types of Them

Have you ever heard about raccoon poison antifreeze? As the name suggests, it uses antifreeze to trap and kill the animal but most people are against it because it will cause a horrible and excruciating death. The animals usually die within 24 hours after the ingestion but it happens after they convulse, vomit, bleed, and suffer from horrible nausea. The final death is generally caused by a heart attack or organ failure which is the final blow after the suffering. Can you imagine having such a horrible death? Most people believe that if you can kill the animal, why would you need to torture it? It seems like a heartless thing to do.


Moreover, leaving a bowl filled with raccoon poison antifreeze around your property may not seem like the smartest thing to do. Other animals like cats, dogs, birds, and even eagles can eat the antifreeze and suffer from the same excruciating death. It is a hazard for the environment and other animals nearby.


What about raccoon poison Golden Marin? Well, as it was mentioned before, the biggest problem with the poison is that they can be dangerous to others and the effects can be bigger than expected. And there is a growing concern about the Golden Marin, especially since the product isn’t specifically made for killing the raccoons. You see, the product is originally designed as a fly bait but because of the dangerous content that can kill other animals, people are getting creative. They start mixing the product with other substances – often with coke – which results in the raccoon poison coke. The idea is to mix the Golden Marin with coke that will attract not only flies but also raccoon.


Most people, especially those who do it, claim that the mixture has this foul and bad smell that will not appeal dogs or cats, but it is definitely appealing to the raccoons and flies. Kids won’t want to go close to it either, because of the foul smell. That’s why they are daring enough to claim that such a mixture is completely safe because it only attracts the right pests. But then again, you can never tell with such a condition. Despite the fact that these people claim it to be completely safe, there is no 100% guarantee that it works completely well. Not to mention that this mixture of raccoon poison require careful handling too. You will have to use gloves and be extra careful during the preparation because the Marin is completely toxic and poisonous. Even a simple exposure of your body parts without using a single protective gear can make you sick – especially if you somehow accidentally ingest or inhale it.


Raccoon Poison: The Final Conclusion

In the end, the matter whether you should kill the raccoon or not is pretty confusing – there are a lot of humane considerations about it. Not to mention that there are also the considerations of such ethical and humane killing with the poison. Although some states allow the usage of poison, it doesn’t mean that it is the best or the right thing to do. It won’t be a problem if it can kill the raccoon efficiently without making it suffer. The problem happens when it involves horrible and painful death, including the death of other animals. Do you think using the raccoon poison will be the best option you can make?


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