How to Kill Raccoons: Different Methods and Preference

Have you ever asked yourself how to kill raccoons or effectively remove them from your property? Raccoons may be cute and all adorable but they can also be a pain in the butt. They have the tendency to damage things – with their gnawing and scavenging. They also like to build nests, which can lead to further problems – in environment and also healthy surrounding. If a family of raccoon builds a nest in your attic, for instance, how will it affect you? It is possible that they carry diseases – often times rabies. You don’t know whether they are healthy or not, do you? And what if they gnaw on cables or dig holes on the wall? What id they gnaw on the wooden floor, steal your food, or explore your house – making it exposed to various pollutants and hygiene problems?

How to kill raccoons

How to Kill Raccoons: The Common Issues

Different people may develop different schemes or plans to deal with these pesky animals. Some of them may like the instant way, while some may like the natural way. Some may like the idea of killing the animal, while the others may against the idea. Some people may be comfortable with the idea of trapping and catching the raccoons instead of killing them. They have the reason that trapping the raccoons is somewhat more humane – and they can always release the animals on the countryside or the suburb area.


However, releasing the animals on the suburb areas may deliver another new issue. Some people living on the suburb claim that the number of wild raccoons have drastically increased since the ‘town people’ trap the animals and send them away to the suburb. They complain that the increasing number of the raccoons have affected their environment and also the increased damages. That’s why these people prefer the idea of killing the raccoons to trapping them. They too start to learn about how to kill raccoons effectively without affecting Mother Nature in an overall retrospect.


How to Kill Raccoons: Legal or Illegal?

Before you decide on a way to kill the raccoon, you should find out whether it is considered illegal to kill the raccoons in your state, your region, and your area. If killing raccoons illegal, you should find other methods that don’t include killing. However, in most cases, killing the raccoons won’t be considered illegal as long as it doesn’t involve poisoning. Different states have different regulations about killing the raccoons with the poison. So, is it legal to poison raccoons? Only in several states. Make sure that you know the federal regulations in your state before setting up a raccoon trap or poison.


The biggest problem with using the poison is the later effect that can affect anyone. Let’s say that you poison a raccoon and it dies. Then the body is eaten by other predators – which will turn to be sick and possible dead. You don’t want that to happen right? Not to mention that if you have placed the poison carelessly, inviting other animals like cats or dogs. It is pretty common to find animal poisoning cases where the neighbor cats or dogs have accidentally ingested the poison. Using poison is considered a cowardly practice that will take a serious toll on the environment. If you want to learn how to kill raccoons effectively, using the poison should be your last resort.


How to Kill Raccoons: Different Ways to Kill the Raccoons

How to kill raccoons with antifreeze? First of all, don’t use the antifreeze. The substance will cause a direct kidney damage and it is a horrible way to die. It may taste sweet but you are a true heartless if you choose this method. You see, once the raccoon eat the antifreeze, the damage to the kidney will be direct. It is will be disastrous. As the kidney simply shuts down and turns off, toxins will flood out the body, resulting in vomiting, extreme pain, seizure, lethargy, and brain damage. Seriously, no one deserves to die like that.


So, what if you use the fly bait or coke? How to kill raccoons with fly bait or how to kill raccoons with coke? Well, basically, people use this home remedy solution to come up with their own ‘recipes’. The fly bait is basically a bait that is used to trap flies. But those who have tried it say that when it is mixed with coke, it somehow creates an appealing mixture that will attract raccoons only and not other animals. The smell of the mixture is pretty awful – it will rid of cats and dogs and other animals. However, raccoons will be attracted to it.


But then again, it is a type of poison that we are talking about. If you are against the idea of using poison, there is still another way to deal with the issue. ‘But I don’t really like the idea of trapping or catching them,’ you may say. Yes, you can trap them but you can also use the poison chamber or inject them with poison. At least, this is a more humane and direct approach to get rid of the animals. So, how to kill raccoons with this method? Once you catch them, you can put them in one place and gas them. It is quick and it won’t create a negative side effect. Or if you want to be more direct, you can inject them with poison – of course, one by one – and your problem will be solved. This is a suitable way of how to kill raccoons in attic or in any closed space. Trap them first and then gas or inject them.


How to Kill Raccoons: Animals that Kill Raccoons

Everyone in this world has their own natural enemy; animals included. If you want to know what animal kills raccoons, you need to know their natural predators and enemies. Although raccoons are basically intelligent  animals with good blending skills (as well as physical features to allow such a thing), they have quite a lot of different enemies. This is probably one of the reasons why they are mainly active at night and not by day – to avoid their predators. So, what are they?


– Coyotes. Raccoons aren’t actually the main diet for coyotes – they prefer carrion. However, don’t forget that coyotes are skilled and excellent predators. They don’t mind eating adults or juveniles raccoons. Although most coyotes hunt within their packs, they can effectively kill a single and lone raccoon. That’s why some of the raccoons repellent products are using coyote’s urine as the main ingredient.

– Great Horned Owl. Unlike the other regular owls, this type of owl is pretty big. They have a total 18 inch of length – which can expand to 25 inch. The wingspan is between 48 inch and 60 inch. Although this owl likes to eat mice and small rats, they don’t mind bigger animals like opossums, skunks, or raccoons. They may target juvenile raccoons but they also like the adult ones.

– Foxes. They are actually similar to the raccoons, in terms that they are also scavengers as well as predators. Foxes are productive and active predators with wide variants of animals as their prey, including snakes, rabbits, and raccoons. Fox urine is also used as the raccoon repellent product.

– Wolves. Being carnivores, they are keen and excellent hunters. They know the right way of how to kill raccoons, as well as other animals, like hares, voles, beavers, and fish. They are pretty flexible when it comes to food.

– Big Cats. Pumas, mountain lions, and bobcats don’t mind eating raccoons when they have to. They don’t mind with the juvenile or adult raccoons. These big predators are the one factor that keeps the population of the raccoon stay stable and in control.


And don’t forget that the biggest enemy for the raccoon is human. People and raccoons don’t really mix well. For humans, raccoons are pests. They carry rabies, which can be dangerous for humans and dogs. Not to mention that raccoons tend to prey and eat the chickens or other small poultry types. And how to kill raccoons for humans? As it was mentioned before, they can shoot the animals –as well as trapping or poisoning them. In most states, hunting and shooting the raccoons are allowed. Being the biggest enemy of the animals, people like to hunt the animals for sports or competitions – although they also do it for necessity.


How to Kill Raccoons with the Pellet Gun

Have you ever tried killing raccoons with pellet guns? Some people who are into hunting the animals state that the pellet guns are somewhat safer and more efficient than the real gun. It can be used in urban setting (as you don’t have to worry about shooting your neighbors or passers by) and it is quite noiseless. They say that they have developed a certain skill, thanks to the pellet gun. They don’t have to worry about causing harms or injuries to other people and yet, they can kill the pesky animals efficiently.


In the end, you have different options of how to deal with the raccoons. Yes, they are pesky and annoying but torturing them to death isn’t exactly a humane thing to do. Now that you know the various methods on how to kill raccoons, you can choose one that fits your requirements – and go along with your consciousness.


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