Choosing the right raccoon repellent can help you in managing the pesky issue, especially if they have invaded your personal living space and created damages. Raccoons may seem cute and adorable but they aren’t exactly the right kind of pets that you can have at home.  They can create damages to the house, chaos to the housing construction, and so much more. That’s why most people would try every alternative that they can try to solve the problem.

Raccoon Repellent

There are so many different methods, alternative, and solutions that people have tried to deal with the raccoon infestation. They may have tried the moth balls or other home remedies. Some even try shooting the animals so they can have a direct killing for the animals. Although some people state that natural raccoon repellent isn’t really effective, it is not always true. It actually depends on your condition, the severity of the issue, and the type of raccoons you are dealing with – some raccoons are pretty persistent and head strong, you know?

Raccoon Repellent: Different Products, Usages, and Functions

If you want to find the right raccoon repellent, it is important to know what deters raccoons. Once you know the characteristics of the animal, you know what attracts them and what makes them go away. Raccoons don’t like loud noise and sound as well as bright lights. They have sensitive nose and there are some smells that they really like. That’s why there are some products to repel raccoons using the electronic waves, sound, and also light. There are also products using certain small that will make the creatures go away.

Have you ever heard about raccoon repellent moth balls? It is basically a method where you can crush the moth balls and spread them around your property. The raccoons have strong smell and they really hate the smell of the moth balls. If you spread the moth balls on your property, you can get rid of the pesky creatures. Sometimes, the moth balls are included in the raccoon repellent home remedy recipe. The moth balls are sometimes mixed with the fly bait. But the most common mixture is the fly bait with coke – that’s why it is often called as the raccoon repellent Coke. You can browse around for different alternatives of the home remedy solutions but there are some products that you can try. These products are environment friendly, humane in the application, and easy to use. Some of the products don’t require installation – you only need to use the device and off you go!

Raccoon Repellent Spray

A lot of people think that the raccoon repellent spray is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the pesky animal. The spray may not be able to kill the raccoons but it is able to make the creature stay away from your property, including your house, your garden, and anything related to your property. Although you can always create your own home remedy spray, there are some ready products out there. One of them is the All Natural Deterrent Rodent Defense Small Animal 32oz Spray. This spray is quite effective for small animals and rodents, including rats, squirrels, gophers, rabbits, and raccoon. It is effective enough to get rid of the animals, preventing them from scavenging the trash, gnawing on wood or building, or nesting around your property. Another thing to like about this animal repellent is the flexibility. It can be sprayed in a semi closed spot as well as outdoor area. And not only this repellent is effective enough for the raccoon, it can also be used for other pesky animals. Based on the reviews from previous users, they are mostly satisfied with the spray. They notice the apparent odor after the spray but after a night, the smell is gone. Along with the small, and so are the animals. If you want to try the raccoon repellent that really works, you should try it. After all, it isn’t costly – less than $20.

Raccoon Repellent Reviews

Of course, it is advisable that you read different raccoon repellent reviews so you know what kind of repellents available out there – as well as the various types that may suit your needs. For instance, you can use the electronic repellent, such as the Anmago Ultrasonic Animal Repellent. With this device, you don’t need to deal with dangerous chemicals, smelly products, or dangerous shooting. You can simply place this device on your garden, turn it on, and let it work on its own. The ultrasonic device is able to get rid of birds, rabbits, cats, chipmunks, deer, dogs, and other pesky animals. This is an eco friendly device because won’t pollute the environment or damage your property. It has an automatic motion sensor that will be activated when there are animals in your property. You don’t have to worry about getting rid of them – the device can do it perfectly for you.

Another device is the ultrasonic repellent, the Pest Soldier 6-in-1 electronic outdoor repellent. This raccoon repellent offers 5000 square feet coverage so you can be sure that it will cover your property effectively. Not only it can be used in quite a wide range of area, it can be set into Day setting as well as Night setting or 24 Hour model. It can be used in the farm, warehouse, garden, attic, lawn, house, cabin, and many settings. The electronic device is quiet to human ears but it is annoying to these animals. It is flexible as well as weatherproof. Even when you put it in your garden, you don’t have to worry that you may damage it. There are different frequency settings that can be used to remove the rats, birds, mice, dogs, raccoons, skunks, and even mosquitoes.

Another option is to use the garbage bags. There are special garbage bags as raccoon repellent that will prevent any wild animals from scavenging the contents. Mint-X Rodent repellent product is pretty effective to get rid of the animals. It repels rodent as well as neutralizing odor so animals won’t be attracted to come to the garbage bin. With less than $15, you can have these garbage bags, which can also be used for tall garbage bins.

Raccoon Repellent Lowes

Finding the raccoon repellent products is basically easy as you can find the products anywhere you want to. Products can be found at Lowes or Amazon – as well as other suppliers. You should be looking at various types of products, along with their usages and reviews. You can use raccoon repellent sound, such as the Aspectek Outdoor Ultrasonic Solar Battery Powered Repellent with Motion Activated Sensor. Unlike the other ultrasonic products, this one is pretty inexpensive. With less than $20, you can have a humane system that will get rid of birds, mice, rodent, deer, cats, raccoon, and dogs. It has automatic motion detector that will activate the system. With the adjustable sensor, you can adjust the system. It also uses the battery system with solar rechargeable feature, which makes it quite effective on your spending. This is one of raccoon repellent Lowes products which mean that you can find it at Lowes.

If you want to have one of the most expensive repellent but with super effective outcome, you can use the Bird Gard PA4 Super Pro that will repel mammals and birds. Of course, this animal repellent will get rid of other small animals, not only birds. It uses solid sound system that can cover an area of 4 acres. This system is included within a control box (a water resistant type) which makes it ideal for any usages. However, it is said as one of the costliest system ever made – with a price tag almost reaching $500. If you have a pretty wide property and you want to have an effective system, this is one device that you should own.

If you have the option of the most expensive system, there is also the cheap repellent type. This is basically a scare tape with a tag price less than $10. The Predator Guard tape reflects the sunlight or any other light sources that can scare off animals and rodents. The reflective and sound feature can scare away birds and other small animals. However, this kind of tape may not be effective enough when used alone. You may have to use this kind of repellent with other products or methods. You may be able to combine this scare tape with the ultrasonic or sound repellent.

In the end, it is up to you to choose the right type of repellent that may work for your condition. Some of the products have been reviewed here but there are more products available out there. You need to make your own research and find out which system, device, or method works best for your situation. Some people may choose the home remedy options while some may prefer the already manufactured products. You can choose whatever raccoon repellent types that you like – and you feel best for your situation.

Raccoon Deterrent: The Natural Home Remedies

 You are probably wondering about the best raccoon deterrent that will work best for your situation and your condition. If you find any raccoon infestation happening to your property, you may want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Raccoons are surely furry and they are pretty adorable animals, alright, but they can create such a damage that may take an effect for many years to come. Not only they may damage the property, they may breed and grow. You definitely don’t want a colony of raccoons sharing the same living area with you – for sure.

Raccoon Deterrent: The Basic Issue

For some people, raccoons are cure and adorable but they can be pretty destructive too. They are nocturnal animals with great climbing skills. They like woody, warm, and dark areas. If you property happens to have a lot of water with high vegetation and piles of wooden logs, they will find it ideal – even heavenly. They eat veggies, fruits, mice, and even garbage. If you grow your own crop variants (such as watermelon, corn, or others), it will be appealing for them. If your property happens to be not so clean with piles up wooden logs and high vegetation here and there – and your garbage bin is always open and accessible, they will soon find a new home. Once they find an ideal place that is considered a good food source – as well as a cozy home – they will definitely return to the same place. Keep your eyes open for damaged gardens or crops and also ripped shingles. It is high time that you prepare your own homemade deterrent.

Raccoon Deterrent: Why the Home Remedies?

You may be wondering what is the fuss with homemade raccoon repellent, anyway. Why the home remedies, instead of several more practical and efficient methods of poisoning and shooting, for instance? For a starter, the homemade repellent is not dangerous. When compared to the chemical substances or chemical pesticides for animals, the home remedy solution is definitely safer.

Raccoon Deterrent

Here are some of the benefits of the raccoon repellent home remedy alternatives:

– The homemade remedy repellent is safer because it is made of natural, daily stuff substances that won’t be harmful for anyone. It won’t harm the vegetation as well as other animals that live around the premise. Unlike the chemical poison that may kill other creatures besides the ones intended, the home remedy solution will make the raccoons stay away from the premises. The solution won’t make the raccoon sick or die – it is simply making the animals stay off the grid.

– The homemade raccoon deterrent mixture is safer with minimum side effects or risks. Unlike the chemical products that may deliver bigger threats and side effects, the home remedy is completely safe. After all, it is using only the natural items that you generally find around you – the basic household herbs and ingredients. It is completely safe and sound – you won’t have to worry about a thing.

– Knowing how to repel raccoons naturally isn’t only good for you but also for the environment. Since you will only need to use natural substances only, you won’t have to worry about causing damages to the surrounding environment or causing any damages to it. In short, you can be sure that your homemade remedy can be used to deal with the pesky animals effectively without causing any negative impacts – to other animals, pets, animals, and even the surrounding.


Before applying the natural raccoon deterrent around the property, you need to know what deters raccoons. Being the animals living in the wild, the raccoons have their own natural enemies and dislikes. They have keen and sensitive smell so knowing what they like and dislike can be beneficial.  A lot of people have tried using the natural raccoon spray and it has been proven to be quite effective and efficient. As long as you know what to do – and what kind of substance to mix – you should be fine – and the raccoon issue should go away.

Raccoon Deterrent: Some of the Best Solutions

So, what kind of natural raccoon deterrent that you can try for your personal needs?

– Sound and light. Raccoon are night creatures – it means they like darkness and quietness. They don’t really like loud noise and bright light. It would be great if you can install bright lights around the property as well as loud noise. Some homeowners don’t mind spending quite a lot of money for such an automatic system that will be activated once the raccoons trigger it. A light sensor or a motion sensor can be great when installed around the property. Once the raccoon steps on the sensor, it will activate the system so the lights and sound will be automatically on – getting rid of the animals. However, not many people have such a lot of money so having the regular and traditional systems will be okay. As long as you can install the light and sound on the common areas that are often visited and infested by the raccoons, it would be quite helpful

– Remove the vegetation. Raccoons like high vegetation like the watermelons and corns. If you can avoid not planting them during a certain period or time, it would be best – they won’t come to your premise. However, in the event that you already plant the vegetation and it is infested by the raccoon, the best thing that you can do is to trim it. If the vegetation isn’t high or tall, big chances that the raccoons will steer out of the way.

– Keep up a clean lifestyle and routine cleaning. It would be great if you can keep your property well-managed and clean. Raccoons like to hide in between high vegetation and piles of garbage or wooden logs. Make sure that you clean your property regularly to remove the debris – anything that can be used for hiding and breeding.

There are many other alternatives that you can try besides those ideas above. Do you know about raccoon repellent moth balls? You see, raccoons hate the smell of the moth balls. Their sensitive smell simply can’t take it. You can crush several moth balls and then spread it on the areas often visited by the raccoons. If you suspect the raccoons to come to your house and build a nest – especially around the area at the attic or basement – you can also spread the crushed moth balls. If you can observe some of the areas with visible damages of the raccoon infestation, it would be a great idea to spread the crushed moth balls. It is a natural raccoon deterrent that is pretty harmless for other animals and also humans.

Raccoon Repellent: Further Alternatives and Solutions

Do you know that you can also make your own natural raccoon repellent spray? The spray is pretty handy for plants and vegetations, especially if the raccoons like to consume those vegetations. These spray recipes are pretty effective and yet harmless – they are often recommended by animal control societies to protect the animals and also get rid of the raccoons without killing or harming the animals. You can combine a cayenne pepper (a can of it) or a small bottle of Tabasco (or whatever hot sauce variant that you want) with a gallon of water. Add a teaspoon mild dishwasher detergent into the mix. The combination of water, hot sauce, and detergent is pretty good and yet safe enough to be sprayed on the plants. The detergent will make the pepper water stay on the plant – or any other surface that you have sprayed it on. If it rains or snows, you need to reapply the mixture – repeat the process if it is wet. Don’t forget that you should always wash the fruits or veggies thoroughly before eating them so any remaining raccoon deterrent will be washed away.

You can also try another raccoon deterrent recipe that is similar to the previous one. However, in this recipe, you will have to mix a chopped Jalapeno pepper, a tablespoon of Cayenne pepper, two quarts of water, and a chopped yellow onion together. Mix them well and boil for around 20 minutes. Once it cools down, strain it – it would be much more effective if you are using a cheesecloth. Put the mix in a spray bottle and use it to spray any area that has been infested or visited by the raccoons. This recipe is super effective – it is more potent that the first one. But you will have to reapply it every three days to maintain the efficiency.

You can also use ammonia to get rid of them. So, how to repel raccoons with amonia? You can simply soak five or six tennis balls in the ammonia. Once they are soaked well and thoroughly, you can place the balls at the affected areas. Raccoons hate the smell and they will definitely stay away from it.

As you can see, there are so many different natural alternative home remedies that you can try to make the problem go away. Browse around for more information about the natural raccoon deterrent solution and you should be good to go.